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All saints church in Sedliště

The most important and precious historical building of distinctive Silesian municipality Sedliště is the quaint wooden All Saints Church which was to the second half of the 19th century filial church of Bruzovice parish. The independent parish of Sedliště was established on February 1, 1871 and local church was promoted to a parish one.

The oldest mention of Sedliště church is from 1447. Already at the beginning of the 16th century Sedliště was a part of Bruzovice parish. 1638 the old church was replaced by new building whose realization was carried out by priest from Bruzovice Jan Scultetus. According to the tradition, the new church was built by miller from Sedliště Vojtěch Šustek and his son Adam. The look of church changed only little to the 19th century. The shabby belfry was swapped for new tower standing in front of the church in 1862. A year later the sacristy was extended and over it new oratory with view to the presbytery was built.

The church is a timbered one-nave building oriented longitudinal to the main axis. On the right side there is the side entrance leading to the gallery (so called sobota). The main church entrance is from the frontal (western) direction. The quadratic four-storey tower ended by cupola with lantern and double-cross rises over the main entrance. The flèche on the steeple saddle-shaped, shingle covered roof is situated over the presbytery. The nave reaches size of 9, 05 x 5, 80 metres. The presbytery (5, 56 x 4, 05 metres) is ended in five sides.

The church inside has flat ceiling with paintings from the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The fragments of the original painting were discovered on the side walls in 1984. These fragments, according to the written documents, are dated back to the 17th century. The most precious of them was detected behind the side altar of Ascension of Jesus on the right side. It is restored and represents the sixth station of the cross with a fragment of Czech inscription. The painting of the heaven with saints dominates the main altar from the 18th century. In the altar extension there is placed a wooden curving of the Holy Trinity.

The side altar on the left side is consecrated to Anthony of Padua. On the sides of the St Anthony’s painting from 1730 stand sculptures of St John Baptist and St Paul. The altar of Ascension of Jesus is on the opposite side. It is decorated by sculptures of unknown saint and St Wendelin. In the extension you can see the wooden curving of St Sebastian. Your attention can rivet the Baroque pulpit or baptismal font.

The church of Sedliště is surrounded by cemetery with wooden fencing with shingle roof. This place of the last rest is first documented in written record to the year 1652. The old cemetery preserved its original character and today it is a rare kind of open-air museum of cast-iron sepulchral crosses. In its vicinity there are valuable sandstone sculptures of St John of Nepomuk from the first half of the 19th century and Virgin Mary of Frýdek from 1894.

Thanks to the whole restoration from years 2011–2012 which was highly sponsored by European Union within the frame of the Regional Operation Programme Moravskoslezsko, the church of Sedliště began its new epoch of existence. The affected wooden components and church timbering were replaced and remediated. The new roofing from traditional chopped shingles was laid down. The wooden facing on the walls and in the tower went through exchange and replenishment. The system of lightning conductors, eaves and leads or rain waters was renewed. The whole church was provided by protective and unifying coat. The inside paintings, which cover the whole presbytery and a part of the nave in several layers, were renovated totally. On the choir’s partition and organ sideboard got their original adjustment by double-coloured marbling. The organ underwent through restoration as well.

The parish church in Sedliště represents the first class relic of wooden sacral Baroque architecture in the region of Teschner Silesia. The goal of this reconstruction is to underline the importance of the one from the oldest wooden churches in the Czech Republic.

Text: PhDr. David Pindur, Ph. D.

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